What to expect

Simply Well is located in down town Carlisle on the first block of South Pitt Street. We are housed in the Noble Mansion c. 1800 which has a stone exterior and two white columns in the front of the building. Church Ave runs along side our building which leads to our parking lot. We offer three parking spaces in front of our garage as well as 16 spaces right next to the garage. You can enter the building through the front door or the back door.

Once inside, you'll walk through the foyer. Eric Klinedinst D.C., Sherry Raymond LMT, Ashley McDermott LMT, Dave Bender LMT, Valerie Domenici PhD, Judy Prescott D.Ed, Karen Capone LPC, and Joe Schaefer, M.AmSAT are all located on the bottom floor of Simply Well. Upstairs, we have Michele Landis who owns the yoga studio, as well as Dana Souders LMT.

We have a portable ramp for those clients that need it.

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