Judy Lee, LMT

Judy believes that balance is the path to wellness.

Judy believes that knowledge is power, therefore education is empowerment.

Judy believes that prevention is better than treatment.

As a massage therapist Judy believes that the balance of the physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, and energetic is the path to wellness. Through massage Judy can help you achieve and maintain this balance.

Judy believes that knowledge is power, in the case of wellness it is the power to prevent issues before they even occur. It is the power to break patterns or habits that cause you pain. It is the power to manage the pain that you already have.

Judy started her career at HACC in 2019. Upon graduation she provided freelance massage services until 2020 when she joined the team at Elements of Mechanicsburg. There Judy honed her skills until March of 2022, when she decided to go back into business for herself.

Judy's favorite modality of massage is cupping.

She loves cupping because it is the most economical in time and energy, allowing her to work on multiple areas at once.

Judy also offers percussion, trigger point, and muscle energy techniques, as well as traditional swedish, and deep tissue massage.