The Beautiful Mystery of Intention

Here we are knocking on the door of Spring and it seems appropriate to talk about planting. Today let’s focus on the seed of intention. In life we are asked to set intention for all kinds of situations, maybe for a job, a class we are taking, a relationship or even as simple as what time we intend to meet someone for dinner. When intention is clearly set it creates a touchstone for us to come back to as distractions arise. A guiding star of where our True North is. For example let’s say the seed of honesty is planted in relationship to ourselves and others. What would the seed of honesty require to thrive? If the soil was rich in the nutrients of openness, trust, transparency, and love, does the seed of honesty grow stronger? Alternately, if the soil is full of judgement, criticism, and condemnation…how does the new sprout of honesty fair in that environment? As we plant our intentions while consciously creating a nurturing environment, we get to let go and let nature take it’s course. This is the beautiful mystery of intention. The original seed was cared for and nourished and then spreads like wild flowers, pollenating farther than we could have ever imagined. May you be intentional in your sewing.

By: Dana Souders LMT