Alexander Technique

Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I teach the Alexander Technique. This is not my own technique or method. It’s been around for over 100 years and is simply a way to help people move in freer and easier ways. The Technique is not a magical one-and-done but a preventative means of self-care. Sometimes our own aches and pains are caused by ourselves and it’s time to take responsibility. So here’s a question for you, “Am I causing my own issues?”

I was. After a musical overuse injury that led to two elbow surgeries and subsequent rehabs I looked for why this had happened. What’s wrong with my body? Through the Alexander Technique I was made aware that there was nothing wrong. A lot of my own issues were from how I was using, or rather misusing, my body in playing my instrument and in living in general. The Technique has drastically changed my body and posture by restoring its natural coordination and has dynamically improved my quality of life and thinking by giving me the practical tools, awareness and advice on how to move.

Here’s to joining the Simply Well family in 2018!