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Simply Well is a comprehensive Wellness Center offering Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Counseling Services, Alexander Technique, and houses Yoga at Simply Well, a beautiful Yoga Studio that offers over 30 classes weekly from beginner to advanced students. We believe that with the right support and guidance, the body has the ability to heal itself and function optimally. By creating consistent self care we align to nature’s way of being in balance. The practitioners at Simply Well believe in simple preventative and practical health care that begins with taking care of the self by eating well, exercising, getting optimal sleep, relaxation, deep breathing, connecting to nature, drinking water and finding appropriate ways of dealing with stress from our everyday lives. We also believe that the modalities we provide deeply support this self care. Wellness is the journey, not a destination. We are committed to helping people from all walks of life and businesses of all sizes to achieve their personal goals through our professional heath care services.

Housed in the c. 1800 Noble Mansion, Simply Well strives to integrate the historic character of its facility while providing the relaxing retreat of a wellness center. Built on one of the original lots laid out by William Penn in the late 1700’s, James Nobel chose to keep with the natural aesthetic of the area and build his mansion of native limestone from the surrounding mountains. In the time when it was built this structure was one of the largest and most prestigious in Carlisle.

Although renovated in the late 1970’s for its conversion into law offices, Simply Well makes every effort to keep the original historic integrity of the building. Simply Well’s two foot thick original limestone walls that once housed capacious living quarters for the prestigious Noble Family now function as a spacious yoga studio, chiropractic office, and massage therapy rooms. Although they now serve a new function, many of the original features of the house can still be appreciated including the grand stairway, carriage house and interior architectural details such as original pocket doors.

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